The Web for Libraries Weekly

Hey! Michael here. I am a front-end librarian and web designer in Florida. What's worst about the web is that for all the cool new stuff, only pieces here and there can be practically applied in our somewhat bureaucratic, website-by-committee university or county library. You can't just go trash ten years worth of content and replace it with CSS Transforms. Bummer. But there is a lot of stuff you can do - and it can make your library better. Remember that it's not just a library website anymore, it's the Library - which happens to have a building.

Last month I subscribed to a gajillion newsletters--I'm stoked that they're kind of a "thing" again--that help curate the web for the best of CSS, Javascript, Responsive Web Design, and so on. I thought, "what an idea for libraries." We are glutted by listservs and blogs, so why not focus the topic and curate what's best and new. There's no feed or list to watch. Plug in your email and once a week I'll pump out a short, sweet, informative blip. Watch for The Web for Libraries Weekly.
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